ISACA Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) Certification

The ISACA Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT: CGEIT certification is an industry-recognized credential designed for IT and business professionals, and management, advisory, or assurance roles relating to the governance of enterprise IT. ISACA CGEIT is a vendor-neutral certification that validates and certifies IT governance skills, knowledge, and practical experience of an individual. It is developed, maintained, tested, and monitored by ISACA. From optimizing resources to developing strategies and prioritizing initiatives, a professional expert in governance strives to deliver plans and policies to ensure that use of IT meets business objectives (both strategic and operational), and adhere to compliance/regulatory and security constraints.

ISACA CGEIT exam objectives are as follows:

  • Risk Optimization
  • Benefits Realization
  • Resource Optimization
  • Strategic Management
  • Framework for the Governance of Enterprise IT

This ISACA CGEIT exam training program provides you with the proficiency and knowledge to work efficiently with IT Governance Framework strategic alignment, value delivery, risk management, and resource management performance measurement.

NOTE: The CGEIT exam based on the 2013 exam content outline is no longer available. The CGEIT exam based on the 2020 exam content outline is now available. Scheduling for the new exam has begun from July 2, 2020.

Requirements for ISACA CGEIT Certification

  • Pass the CGEIT Exam within the last 5 years.
  • Have the relevant full-time work experience in the CGEIT Exam Content Outline.
  • Submit the CGEIT Certification Application including Application Processing Fee.

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