CIW User Interface Designer Certification

The CIW User Interface Designer certification provides knowledge about applying essential usability concepts including clarity, ease of use, simplicity, and detectability. It validates strategies and tactics necessary to design user interfaces, with an emphasis on creating user interfaces for mobile devices. This certification will help you learn more about wireframes, color schemes, tones, design templates, formatting, and typography. The CIW User Interface Designer certification is a part of the CIW Web and Mobile Design Series certification.

The CIW User Interface Designer exam objectives are as follows:

  • User-centered Web Design
  • Website Navigation Concepts
  • User Interface Design Process
  • User Interface Design Projects
  • User Interface Design Principles
  • User Interface Design and SEO Strategies
  • Designing a Basic Web Page User Interface
  • Color, Typography, Layout, and Wireframing
  • Designing an Interactive Web Page User Interface

Here are the skills measured in the CIW User Interface Designer certification exam:

  • Applying a default page template to a Website
  • Applying a set of custom page templates to a Website
  • Creating a simple Web user interface using best practices
  • Applying user interface design principles to Website design
  • Identifying the basics of HTML, CSS, and responsive design
  • Describing ERBU (emphasis, rhythm, balance, unity) and how it is important to UI design principles
  • Describing CARP (contrast, alignment, repetition, proximity) and how it is important to UI design principles

uCertify offers a study guide for the CIW User Interface Designer certification exam. The CIW User Interface Designer study guide is equipped with interactive learning resources that cover the 1D0-621 exam objectives efficiently.

Requirements for CIW User Interface Designer Certification

ग्राहक समीक्षा

The User Interface Designer Course gave me an even better insight into Web Design and User Experience that I didn't know before. The course used different learning techniques (Videos, Reading, Flashcards, Quizzes, etc.). My favorite part of the tool was having "pop-quizzes" at the end of each learning subject to make sure I understood what was just read. I would rate this course 5 out of 5 stars.

The course will help you gain an understanding of the critical importance of user interface design. The course provides complete coverage of the 1D0–621 exam objectives and provides knowledge and skills user-centered web design, user interface design principles, color, typography, layout, and wireframing, and a lot more.

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